• Power

    4-pole, PSC Electric Motor

  • Voltage

    230V 50Hz

  • Speeds

    1/4 hp 2-speed

  • Max Airflow

    2900 CFM

  • Amp Draw

    High - 1.4 Amps, Low - 1.25 Amps

  • Housing


  • Stackable

  • Cable Wrap

  • Power Cord Length


#About this product

If there is a full house flooded, often several units are required to mitigate the damage and to dry down the property safely. The reduced power usage of this unit will enable you to place more equipment on the job site without overloading electrical circuits.

Additionally, the design of the fan makes it a good option for targeting drying where the wall meets the floor. This is an important area which needs focused drying to prevent mould growth in wall cavities. An all round versatile unit which compliments many domestic and commercial drying applications.

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We can also organise freight to most major cities Australia wide (Adelaide, Perth etc). We ask that you keep all packaging for return shipping.

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