#How We Do Air Conditioning Mould Cleaning

The first thing we have today before we clean the air conditioner is to make sure you are electrically safe so we come out and we turn off the power to the ac.

Now we move to the second step where we go in and prep the air con. So before we start the job we need to don the appropriate PPE. I'm wearing a hard hat because we have no plaster ceiling in place. We got tiles exposed up there that why I have a face mask to protect myself from any dust particles mould spore.

So we prepped the air conditioner. We have up some plastic sheeting to catch the water as we wash it through with a treatment solution. The next step is we have to pull off that front cover the air conditioner and then we go through and we start cleaning with brushes and that pressure spray to get all of the contaminants out of the rotary fan and the coil.

I have removed the cover. from the split unit, you can see it is very contaminated, it has got lots of dust and mold spore growth in there. I have also covered the electrical box so we don't get any moisture inside of there. This is an important step of the process. First we hepa vacuum the coils and the barrel fan. This is to make sure we remove any excess dust and mold spores and also makes the cleaning process a bit easy. Next we use a variety of small brushes to clean all the nooks and crannies and I pressure spray with a mould treatment solution to removal all the mould spores in the unit.

This is why the hepa vacuuming is so important because you get rid of the bulk of the dust and the contaminants that way you are not pushing it down into the core and then we flushed to rest of it through with the pressure spray and brush and it come up clean as a whistle at this point in the cleaning process

If you start to get overflowing drainage tray that means you got a blocked drainage pipe so you will have to go through and clean that before you continue. The next stage is a clean the barrel fa and cowling. I do this with brush and the pressure spray and you can rotate the barrel fan to get the contaminants of it.

This part of the stage is the rinse. So we are just rinsing it with plain hot water applying hot water It is best to use RO water so we don't use any residual minerals behind and it's just a matter rinsing off the coils in the barrel fan and everything done and make it a very thorough rinse.

Now we are just cleaning the external cowling. So we just go through and do these with a brush and some soapy water and we will clean the filters under a tap. This is the air conditioner clean job completed This will increase the efficiency the air conditioner dramatically because you haven't got all that dust and contamination in there interfering with your barrel fan also, you will have a lot better flow via coils and its worth doing appropriately every 12 months you should inspect it and have it cleaned if required

#More Information?

We have our own mould removal service for air conditioning units. Please give us a call to discuss what we can do for you. 

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