• Power


  • Voltage


  • Amp Draw

    Variable, Max 7.8 amp

  • Power Consumption

    1.8kW @ 20°C

  • Housing


  • Plug Type

    AU 230v

  • Stackable

  • Cable Wrap


Wet structure drying

Direct targeted heating through heat mats, provide a drying solution from top down drying methods. In combination with layflat, it can be applied to small sections of walls that are contained.

Floorboard or Carpet drying

Top down drying through direct application of heat through heat mats can provide surfaces such as timber floor boards, underlay or carpet.

#About this product

The Drymatic Boost bar, attached to an airmover can effectively deliver drying heat to targeted structure or floor surfaces. 

LCD Touch Screen

Using the LCD screen, users can monitor: Machine status, maximum temperature, feedback on air, power consumption, heater power readout, running hours, pin lock facility

Designed for effective drying

self-regulating/adjusting heater according to environment. PTC Heating technology and can have power draw is variable for situations where power draw is restricted.

Boost bar heating air coming through

Boost bar heating air coming through

Direct heat applied to sub floor and wall

Direct heat applied to sub floor and wall

Connecting mats of different shapes

Connecting mats of different shapes

Drymatic Boost Bar Promo

This video introduces the Drymatic Boost Bar. "The boost bar is one of the most versatile pieces of drying equipment on the market."

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We can also organise freight to most major cities Australia wide (Adelaide, Perth Etc). We kindly as that you keep all packaging, so that it can be reused when the equipment is sent back.

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