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There are 2 levels of cleaning we can offer*

Currently only available in Brisbane & Sydney

Precautionary Cleaning 

If you do not have a confirmed case of covid-19 at your property, we can assist with hygiene cleaning to the premises. Our teams have extensive experience in infection control and are fit tested to wear the right personal protective equipment. 

Terminal Cleaning
(if there is a suspected or confirmed case)

The procedure for confirmation/suspected is more extensive and we will follow CDC, WHO and Australian Guidelines. Steps include but not limited to: hepa filtration, cleaning and disinfection of high-touch areas and all touched surfaces. All unsealed porous items are also to be cleaned. After this is done we will conduct a final knockdown hydrogen peroxide treatment. Many of the typical treated surfaces include:

  • Foyers and Entrances 

  • Doors, and Handles

  • Light Switches

  • Walkways Etc

No Guarantee of complete removal 

Please remember that no company can guarantee 100% removal of the virus and prevention of reinfection of the property. All we can do is follow the best practices and processes recommended by the relevant governments and authorities. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Covid-19 Cleaning

What kind of disinfectants can be used for Covid-19?

Australian guidelines recommend using bleach at certain concentrations which we have incorporated into our application of disinfectants process. There are also several other products which we can use listed by the EPA on the Emerging Pathogen List N By the EPA. Unfortunately it can be difficult to find many of these chemicals for sale in Australia. There is another product that may or may not be available in Australia depending on supply recommended by the Singapore’s National Environmental Agency. Depending on supply, we may be able to use this product as well. 

*Update 6 April 20 - There is now a disinfectant approved as effective on Coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). by the Australian Department of Health Administration called Viraclean which we can also use, depending on the application. 

NLR has access to powerful disinfectants not available for individuals, including quaternary ammonium-based products, which kill viruses through physically damaging their structure. This means that these products continue to reduce the risk of COVID-19 existing on surfaces, as they continue to work for some time even after drying. 

What are the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare?

The Australian Guidelines are designed to help healthcare facilities prevent and control infections of coronaviruses, including COVID-19. They provide specific and easy-to-follow information for healthcare practitioners to reduce the risks of transmitting COVID-19, and can be useful for individuals and businesses that wish to reduce their risks of transmitting infections. 

Of course, restoration and cleaning businesses (such as New Life Restoration) are given extensive training in mitigating the risk of spreading COVID-19, and have access to powerful cleaners and disinfectants not available to households, as they are produced by industrial chemist labs. 

How cleaning your home and office can reduce the risk of coronavirus?

Organic matter (soil, food particles, dust, etc.) can deactivate many disinfectants. As a result, cleaning before applying a disinfectant is highly recommended. Cleaning reduces the risk of the disinfectant breaking down before it is able to inactivate viruses.

ATP Testing can be used as a surrogate measure of cleanliness

ATP Testing can be used as a surrogate measure of cleanliness

Use of Full PPE

Use of Full PPE

How can I stop the spread of the virus to my office or Home?

No cleaning or disinfecting routine or product can 100% guarantee that a virus will not spread. This is both because a carrier of COVID can enter your home, touch a surface in your home, or touch an object that enters your home or office without you knowing. They may not know that they carry the virus, and any surface they touch (whether it be mail delivered to you, milk you buy at the shops and bring home, or even the lock on a bathroom door that you later use) can carry the virus. Moreover, there is evidence that COVID can exist on some surfaces (some metals and hard plastics) for up to three days.

The best way to reduce the risk of infection is to follow all government advice and regulations around COVID-19. The Australian Government runs a helpful course on Infection Control that teaches all the important steps for keeping your home safe. 

Apart from hand-washing, social-distancing, and covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, there is more you can do. Regular cleaning and application of disinfectant to commonly-touched surfaces will strongly reduce the risk of infection from these sources. Commonly-touched areas in a home include: 

  • Handrails in high-traffic areas.

  • Handles, buttons and switches- light switches, door handles, doorknobs, latches, fridge handles, microwave handles.

  • Bathroom amenities - toilet cubicle doors and walls, toilet seats, cisterns, door handles, tap handles, and basins.

  • Door surfaces - room doors, cupboards, filing cabinets. 

  • Kitchen amenities

  • Office equipment

  • Electronics (Please note: bleach can damage electronics, so an alcohol or quaternary ammonium-based product is essential for these.)

You could also hire a company to come to your home and regularly clean and apply disinfectant to areas that are regularly touched. NLR has experience cleaning households, businesses, vehicles, equipment, electronics and more. We can also run Adenosine Triphosphate testing, which cannot tell whether COVID exists on a surface specifically, but can accurately determine the cleanliness of a surface on the microbial scale. This is often used for infection control testing by governments and large businesses, and is available upon request by New Life Restoration if you choose to have a Comprehensive Deep Hygiene Clean performed at your premises.

Steps NLR has taken to reduce the spread of pathogens

NLR Restoration would like to reaffirm its commitment to the health and wellbeing of all our employees, clients and service providers. We are taking extra precautionary measures, both internally and externally.

Please be aware there is no way to completely prevent viral inspections from spreading. There are no guarantees on a whole and complete 100% disinfection. In light of this, health authorities including the CDC and the Australian Department of health has recommended extensive cleaning of high touch surfaces with a suitable disinfectant.

If you require a quote for Hygiene Terminal and Precautionary cleaning 

Please call us and we can advise availability for this service. Because of high demand and restrictions, we may be limited in our capacity. 

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