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#What is Radon?

Radon is a gas you can neither smell, taste or see and is otherwise undetectable without radon testing. It is created from the decomposition of a naturally occurring element called radium which can be found in rock and soil compositions depending on the location. So when addressing the issue of whether or not your premises has a radon problem, this heavily depends on whether the soil found underneath the property contains radium that emits radon gases. 

A diagram illustrating the different ways that radon emissions can enter the house

A diagram illustrating the different ways that radon emissions can enter the house

#Radon Testing

Radon gas emissions are considered the second biggest cause to lung cancer, under smoking. As it cannot be detected by vision, taste or smell, it is important to conduct a radon test and your premises to be absolutely sure. 

NLR technicians versed in proper procedure, can perform Radon tests for residential and commercial properties.

When you should test for radon:

• If you have never tested your premises for radon before

• If you have recently done some renovations or construction to your property - disturbing soil, or creating cracks or new openings near the ground may cause radon emissions to seep into the property.

• If your family or workers spend a lot of time in basement type areas - basements are more susceptible to higher levels of radon gas emissions

• If you are buying/selling a new property - a radon test done on the property can give you a more informed decision about your purchase.

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