• Voltage

    230V, 50Hz

  • Speeds

    106-510m3 /hour (62-300cfm)

  • Min Airflow

    62 cfm or 106 m3 /hour

  • Max Airflow

    300 cfm or 510 m3 /hour

  • Controls Variable Switch


  • Housing

    Australian Made, Dulux® Powder Coated Zinc Steel 20 guage


We recommend this unit if you want a quiet air scrubber for areas where noise is an issue. They are extremely quiet. In addition they offer a very high level of filtration which makes them suitable for sensitive environments. Some of the applications for this air scrubber include:

  • Effective for dust, mould spores, pollen and other allergens
  • Through the use of the carbon filter attachment, it can be used to reduce odours from VOC's emitted from new furnishings, floor coverings, paint etc. 
  • Can be used to filter out allergens caused by bushfire smoke - with the use of a carbon filter 
  • Used for filtering out silica, concrete or construction dust during renovations to home or office
  • Great for office areas with easy portability and low noise


There is an optional carbon filter attachment which can be used to filter out VOC's and smoke odours in addition to a HEPA primary and HEPA pre-filter. In addition, the HEPA primary filter inside the InovaAir E20 air purifier contains a H13 medical-grade HEPA tested down to 0.003 microns filter which is the highest grade available. 

Before every Air Scrubber hire, we fully test and clean the unit to ensure there is no cross contamination with your household or premises. This includes a clean of the pre-filter and replacement of the internal pre-filter. The HEPA primary is also tested with a particle meter to confirm it is still operating at top efficiency. Additionally all air HEPA units are electrically test tagged to ensure they are safe. 

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